March 2017 News

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March 2017 Newsletter

Message from the president

Dear Members:

I notice a few days ago that a few of my tulip plants had disappeared. The following day one more was gone. Apparently squirrels got into my planters and snacked on the bulbs. I was very disappointed because I had brought the tulip bulbs back from Holland, and it was no easy task getting the bulbs through customs even though the package of bulbs had an official looking stamp stating “Certification of approval for importing to the United States.” I mentioned the missing bulbs to Marco, one of the owners of Ladera Nursery and he had heard that putting plastic forks around the bulbs works. The next morning the forks were on the ground and more bulbs were missing. We are going to make a cage out of chicken wire and see if that works.

Please mark your calendar for upcoming events. Sign up for the tour of Ladera Garden and Gifts with a no-host lunch following at Waterdog Tavern scheduled for March 29 at our March Meeting and you can also sign up for the April 6 tour of Filoli Gardens at this meeting. The Central Park Japanese Gardens Tour has been rescheduled for May 9.

Don’t forget to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day on March 17.

Have you ever wondered what Penny Pines is all about? See this pamphlet.

Our program for our March Meeting will be provided by Rex Castell speaking on the subject “Orchid Care for Everyone”.”

See you at the March meeting.